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Pinterest SEO: How to Get More Pinterest Impressions & Views

Pinterest SEO

How to Get Pinterest Traffic – My 2,570,000 a month Pinterest Traffic Strategy

In the past 30 days I received 2.57 million monthly pin views! How did I do it?

Here I go through the exact steps I took to create viral pins and get millions of free organic Pinterest impressions each month.

pinterest analytics

Get More Pinterest Impressions

I just checked and this month my account has received 2.57 mission impressions.

My top 5 pins for the past 30 days have all received over 100k views, with the top one receiving 353,626 impressions. These are all organic and I haven’t touched my account in years.

pin impressions

It’s even crazier because I don’t post on my account anymore or schedule pins. I literally don’t touch the account, although maybe I should touch it more because here it is humming along with 1.6 million monthly views for one of my niche sites.

I created rich pins a few years ago and did some bulk scheduled posts and joined group boards and had this active for a few months in a row and now here we are years later with over a million monthly views still, and my site still gets consistent Pinterest traffic.

The particular site this account is connected to has also gotten over 15,000 free organic website visits from Pinterest over its lifetime.

My top pin received 1,544 link, clicks in the past 30 days with the other top pins receiving 100 or more clicks as well.

pin clicks

How to do Pinterest SEO

The goal of Pinterest SEO is more Pin impressions and website visits.

It’s not hard to be successful on Pinterest, and you’d be surprised how some upfront work can produce views and traffic for years after even if you completely take your hands off the wheel like I did with this site.

Here are the pillars to follow to set up a strong Pinterest SEO foundation and get more views, clicks, repins and site visits:

  1. Create a Business Pinterest Account & Use a Business Email

    First create a business Pinterest account using an email that not’s your main email.
    It’s also good to have a separate business Pinterest account because the Pinterest algorithm favors an account when it is super focused around one topic.

    It’s good to create a business account type which you can switch a personal one to at any time because you get more detailed analytics and you can run paid promotion at any point with a business account whereas you don’t get those analytics or paid ad options with a personal account type.

    The reason you should use a different email than your main personal email to create your Pinterest account is but also because any time you’re running a growth focused Pinterest account there is the possibility Pinterest will shut your account down at any time for any reason and they don’t have a great support team so it may take months or never to get it back.

    I personally have had an account shut down and it took months of me emailing them on a weekly basis for them to reinstate it and I guess I’m lucky they did end up reinstating it.

  2. Niche your account down, make is super specific

    This is because more people will follow you when they are interested in your specific niche and can see you only post about your niche because they don’t want to be spammed with random topic pins.

    Having a super focused account will help you gain followers, repins and support because people will be genuinely interested in all of your pins which will help your account grow.

  3. Create amazing pins and content

    The key to having a successful Pinterest account is providing amazing content that those following you want to see.
    That’s part of why it is so key to have a super specific niche you post about so every post can be a direct hit home run as opposed to having a bunch of lukewarm posts that don’t resonate with your audience.

    The real key here to success on Pinterest is posting incredible content. Post the content you’d want to see if you were in your niche.

    I find the best images I can – remember here that copyright free or using your own is the best option with creating your own images and video being the absolute best option as long as you can make it insanely high quality. Then I use my free account and they have a size Pinterest size option which is 1000px by 1500px.

    I personally create my own dimension of 1080px by 1920px because a long time ago I did some research and that was the best size for visibility and repins. Then I upload the images into Canva and add copyright free text and design the pins all in the same Canva folder for easy export.

  4. Do Pinterest Image & Keyword Research
    One additional trick to position your pins for success is to search your target keyword on Pinterest before creating the pin, and make your image the best image and make it stand out in color and how you compose it.

    The key is to make it what you would click on if you visited that page on Pinterest and had the option to click on any pin. When you make your pin stand out and make it the absolute best pin for your target keyword, you will get more views, saves, repins, clicks and site visits from it.

  5. Create Rich Pins & Upload them to you Site

    Then you need to upload the pins to your website and put them on a page as rich. This part is even more important part than having incredible jaw dropping content because for best results you need the pins to be in rich pin format.

    You also need to have all your pins posted on your website so you can pin them directly from your website onto your Pinterest boards. There is simply no point in even pinning a pin if you don’t pin it directly from your website because you lose the rich pin benefit and you lose the site traffic benefit if you don’t do it this way.

    You can create a pin page on your website where all you do is post rich pin images, or you an integrate pins into your blog posts. I can’t emphasize this enough. You have to post the images on your own site, and post them using rich pin format which you can easily google how to do.

  6. Add Pinterest Social Sharing to your Website

    Then, you’ll need to install a social sharing Pinterest plugin on your site so you most importantly, and then second most importantly anyone else visiting your site can pin your website rich pin images images directly to pinterest
    The key to start gaining a following and traffic is to go to directly website every single day for a month and click to pin 5 or so RICH PIN images by clicking the image on your site and pinning it directly to a board on your account.
    I personally used PinPinterest’s $5 a month plan so I went in one day and pinned 180 pins in one sitting so 5 were scheduled to go up on my boards every day for a month.

  7. Schedule 5 Pins to Post Each Day

    Scheduling using PinPinterest took a lot of the manual busywork labor out of it for me and made scheduling a month worth’s of pins super easy and cost effective.

    Then, once you have a few months content on your own boards and site, you can start joining group boards that have thousands or hundreds of thousands of followers in your niche and posting one or two a day to every group board in addition to your own boards to really start getting exposure for your pins.

  8. Join Group Boards in your niche

    I used the website where you can easily search for group boards in your niche.

    How it works is you search for a keyword in your niche and it brings up a list of group boards that have that keyword in their title, you can then filter by number of followers, number of board collaborators and number of pins.

    The sweet spot is to filter by number of followers a board has, then go down the list and choose ones that have 10 or more board collaborators to reach out to. You want to request to join and reach out to boards that have 10 or more collaborators because that means the admins have actively approved at least a handful of people to collaborate on the board.

    This means you have a better chance of getting approved to pin on the board the more collaborators the board already has.

    I personally requested to join and sent a personal personalized message to dozens if not over 50 or 100 group boards and was approved by around 10% of what I applied to.

    Once they approve you, don’t spam them. Instead schedule one pin every day or every few days and start with great content that has already performed well on your own boards, every few weeks you can pin a semi-promotional pin but it should really still have insanely good content. If you post bad content or too promotional of content on grojp boards you will get removed and there’s no point in doing it because your bad or overly salesy content won’t perform well on the boards anyway.

  9. Important Pinterest Takeaways

    If you post amazing content that stands out that you would want to click on and read, and post your content first in rich pin format on your website, pin it at a rate of 5 pins a day onto your own Pinterest boards, join a few dozen group boards and post one a day per group board, you will start to see your impressions, repins, clicks start to grow!

    Comment below your favorite takeaway from this video and like this video if it was helpful because that helps more people see the video and it gives me the ability to make more posts and videos for you guys. Good luck with your pinning!

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