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Buy Websites | How I Made $24,288.55 on a $6,400 Site

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I still remember how excited I was the day I bought my first website for $1,300.

buy websites for sale

Sitting inside my spacious and well-light white cubicle inside a financial company’s marketing department, I felt tired and trapped because my time was not my own.

It was a good job with benefits and I even liked most of my coworkers, but I’d known for years that I wanted to build my own schedule, business and goals.

I wanted to not continue working for a capped amount that also forced me to sit at a desk and car for a total of 9.5 hours every day with little room for flexibility or even standing up during the day.

Most of my joy came from walking outside the building during lunchtime, or the rare moments I was able to read about online entrepreneur success stories online.

My excitement began after reading a blog post by one of my all-time favorite online entrepreneurs, Spencer Hawes of Niche Pursuits.

The post was written by a guest on his blog and the author talked about how he profitably bought websites on Flippa.

Naively, a few nights later, I logged into Flippa and opened up hundreds of for sale sites in my tabs.

After a few hours, I found one that caught my eye.

It cost $1,300, and the listing said it was making $350 a month.

Great, I thought, I’ll make my investment back in under 4 months, let’s do this.

buy website
Pictured above: Me feeling as though I’m floating on air after purchasing my first site for $1,300

I bought the site, transferring my $1,300, and received the golden site in return.

The next day when I saw a commission of under $1 go into my Amazon affiliate account, I got that first sale rush, and was more excited than I’d been in a long time.

Seeing the first sale or cash go into your account is always an incredible feeling, partly because you weren’t sure it was actually going to happen, and you get an addictive dopamine rush.

Then, there were crickets.

The site only made around $50 the first month, and $20 or so a month after that.

The person who sold me the site had lied.

mistakes to avoid when buying a website

Of course I reached out to him and of course he never responded. I even rated him 1 star on Flippa reviews, but that was all the action I could take.

I had been swindled out of my hard-earned $1,300 and I was crushed.

I stayed away from buying websites for over half a year, because I was scared to make that mistake again.

The excitement from reading about the other blogger’s success, and the dopamine hit I had gotten from the first sale stayed in my head, and I couldn’t stay away forever.

I knew there was potential there.

Round two and I dropped $10,000 on my second site.

I was so confident because this time I’d verified the site’s revenue using the Flippa Adsense integration, and my own common sense test, where I used a low RPM estimate combined with Google Analytics traffic data to give me a rough idea of what the site should be earning.

I knew the site was earning $500 a month currently, and I also had a hunch I could get that up to $1,000 a month pretty quickly with some basic changes.

And I was right.

I doubled the site’s revenue quickly and got the site up to earning $1K a month within a few weeks after purchase.

*Cue my second dopamine excitement hit and dancing around my room out of pure happiness*

buy online business

My happiness was strong, but also short-lived.

Turns out I had been so desperate to buy the website I hadn’t realized it was based on a trendy app that was becoming a non-trend very quickly.

Within a few months the revenue had plummeted to almost nothing and even today I’m under break-even and never made the full investment back.

All I know is that I must be addicted to the dopamine-hits that come from making online sales and buying websites, because even after making $11,300 worth of bad decisions, I picked myself off the floor and kept going a few months later.

Right now you’re probably thinking, why am I reading this?

Does this girl ever make a good decision? Why did the title say she actually made money investing in websites?

I’m about to answer that question, and luckily there’s some good news for both of us.

My third site purchase was when I finally got the hang of making better website-investing decisions.

This time I cautiously stepped in, spending $6,400 for a site that was making $370 a month.

I knew it was actually making that much because I used Flippa’s verified revenue and traffic feature, and was able to use my Google Analytics access and a low-RPM common sense test to determine there was no way that was not true.

I also knew the site was not a trend, as it had been around over 10 years before I bought it.

Plus, it had user-generated content so it was hands-off. I knew I wouldn’t even have to write content daily, so it would truly be passive income.

Additionally, I knew I could switch ad networks and get around a 2X revenue boost off the bat because the site had a lot of traffic, and by a lot I mean over a million pageviews a month, and the current RPM was very low.

Right away I was able to almost double the income month 2-7 from the original $370 to around $600 a month just by switching ad networks.

Then, an ad network contacted me to advertise on the site for a flat month fee of $500, which even ended up being €500 euro a month, or around $564.

These changes increased the monthly income to around $1,200 a month, almost 4X the monthly income the site had when I originally bought it.

*For income detailed out by month, you can look at the income table on my website investing for the first 10 months of site income halfway down the page of this article.

I ended up holding the site for around 20 months, and then I sold it.

The site made me $24,288.55 total in 20 months, and I spent $6,400 to get it.

That’s a 379% return on my original investment, in only 20 months.

I’ve gone on to get even higher returns on website purchases made after this one, and it’s safe to say that investing in websites has literally changed my life.

I can set my own hours.

I can work sitting on my outdoor balcony’s couch, looking at a view of the Chicago bean and Lake Michigan while I work, which is what I’m doing as I type this.

buying websites online
My daily working view 🙂

I can walk outside during the day.

I can go to doctor appointments without worrying about cutting into vacation days or having to ask my boss if I can take the day off.

The times I’ve felt most grateful are simply when the sun is shining and I’m able to feel it on my face around 3pm, when I would have been stuck sitting inside my flourescently lit cubicle for at least the next two hours if I had not been given this opportunity.

If you have additional questions, you can also email me at

I know how easy it is to make mistakes when investing in your first site.

This is why I vet the website deals I send out and verify traffic and revenue to the best of my ability before passing them on to the waitlist.

I want as few of you as possible to make the same mistakes I did when first buying a site, including having someone lie to you about site revenue and blindly believe them, which is why I personally vet all sites to verify traffic and revenue before sending them out to you guys.

Any investment has a risk of course, and no websites are guaranteed to keep making what they’re currently making.

Outside factors, including Google’s algothrithms can change. There are no guarantees in any investment, or in life, and I like to make that clear here.

However, investing in websites is new, so fewer people are currently doing it.

This means you can find a lot of under-valued sites that you can quickly increase revenue on and make your profit back in 10-30 months as I have done.

Then once your initial investment is made back, each month the cold hard cash from your site comes into your pocket as pure profit.

When done correctly, you make back your initial investment much faster than real estate, with way less overhead.

And you get hard cash each month until your money is paid back and the deposit becomes all extra profit every month.

Unlike the stock market where all your money, including the gains and initial investment, can be wiped out in a few days at any time.

For me, investing in websites has been the best financial decision I have ever made in my entire life.

If you’d like to check out the sites on the waiting list as I send them, add your name here or email your name to

Or, are you looking to sell a website you already own?

Alternatively, if you have a profitable site you’d like to sell, enter your email here and I’ll personally reach out for more information. Or feel free to email me your website information at

11 thoughts on “Buy Websites | How I Made $24,288.55 on a $6,400 Site

  1. My favorite part – *Cue my second dopamine excitement hit and dancing around my room out of pure happiness* – You are killing it and understand the value and potential of this niche before anyone else. Way to get in early and set the standard for future site buyers. Your articles have been so informative to the average chick like myself and have helped me better understand this business and opportunity. LOVE IT!! Keep killing it, girl.

    1. *hahahha* Our minds think so much alike – one of my favorite sentences – didn’t realize anyone else would read closely enough to notice it.. just like I laugh at my own jokes when writing and wonder if anyone else ever does. Kase, I cannot wait to see what you create as you continue to learn and take your next steps! Thank you for learning alongside me as well as for your support and kind words.

  2. Hello Stacy, Great job on making the transition to self employed. I listened to you on the Side Hustle Nation and was very impressed. Thank you for your honesty on the failures too, I think that gets left out a lot. I have a question for you if you could explain how you filter for expired listings on flippa.

    1. Hi Fritz, Thank you, appreciate the kind words! I checked and you can still filter by choosing the “unsold” option on their new site which includes expired and unsold current listings as well.

  3. Stacy, I just listened to your podcast on Side Hustle and came away very impressed with what you’ve accomplished. I’m 73 years young and looking forward to building something of value like you have, and having fun along the way. I have a website for my current biz but looking to improve the site and/or branch out into other areas by following your path. Can you refer me to someone that can help me with my site and future sites as I do not have the skills at this time to do so?

    1. Thank you Steve! I love that you are continuing to learn and grow a website at your (young 🙂 age, something my parents would like to do but don’t quite have the technical know-how to fully do. Madeline Jacobson is great with WordPress sites if that is the type you are looking to edit Are you looking for design, structure, content or SEO help specifically?

    2. Hi Steve, Yes, Madeline, is great at building and maintaining WordPress sites, if that is what you are looking for help with. In terms of SEO and growth, I would recommend outsourcing to an SEO agency if that is what you’re looking for help with, and if you are let me know and I can give you some recommendations.

  4. Hey Stacy. I hope you are safe and well at this current time. I also found you through SHN and listened to your podcast a few times before I made it over here. I’m glad to see you are doing so well. Hopefully one day I’ll reach out after acquiring my own site one day. Good look with this site 🙂

    1. Hi Davina, thank you! I hope you are currently productive and happy as well. Yes please, keep me updated and I am looking forward to hearing how your story evolves 🙂

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