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The Why

I remember how I used to feel sitting in my cubicle each day, like someone would yell at me if I even went outside to take a walk during the day.

Trapped, and also trapped doing busywork someone else had assigned me.

Or, on the occasion I was given the chance to develop and execute my own strategy, trapped in my set salary with 3% yearly raise no matter the effect my hard work or execution had.

I remember getting up to walk to get coffee or to the bathroom was literally the highlight of my day because I got to move and take a “company-sanctioned” mental break.

Worse, I remember feeling unhealthy, like sitting all day was hurting my body and mind. I was anxious, unhappy and trapped, and remember the feeling of desperately wanting to be anywhere else each weekday, even when I had one or two good friends at work who made the brutal* days doable.

*I recognize how lucky I am even to have had my “brutal” days which truly were not brutal. I live in the US, and worked for really good, nice companies with ok to good salaries, benefits and 401K matches. I sat in a nice, clean desk area every day. My bosses were ok for the most part. My workday was not “hard” physically, and I even had a lot of freedom mentally and strategy-wise. The brutal part was more inside my own mind, and it was the lack of freedom (AKA having to ask permission to take a day or hour off, being forced to sit there for 8 hours a day) and the lack of revenue potential (not the fault of a company, they are taking on all the risk etc, but also not something I’m down for, especially when forced to be tied to a desk for 8 hours a day for no reason other than they basically owned me). Felt like I should include that disclaimer because my life was not “hard” by almost any account, and I have been blessed in many ways.

However, if you’re reading this, you likely feel the same way, so keep reading and have fun exploring the site resources!

My Freedom

This site exists because I was able to pursue my dreams, thanks to the support of my wonderful grandma (Hi Grandma! if you’re reading this, love you!) and family.

I am now free, and so blessed and happy to be able to spend my days deciding what I want to do, and what action items to spend time on to move my business and revenue forward.

My actions directly impact my revenue, and I have freedom over my time.

You can watch me talk about my journey from cubicle to Chicago with Flippa here

You can also watch me on the Niche Pursuits podcast here

For You

This site exists for you, and all the women (and men) out there who can relate to how I used to feel.

I take the time to collect and share the best (case studies, tips, ideas some super cute apparel + more) out there so you can become inspired and have the knowledge needed to work toward your own freedom.

With love,

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