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Sell Websites Here – How I (Almost) Sold One at 187.5% of Cost

Sell Your Website Here

If you’re here and looking to sell your website, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re looking to buy or invest in a website, you can read my website investing story here.

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Email me at with your name and site traffic if you’d like to sell your site and I’ll personally respond.

I have an enthusiastic community of investors, entrepreneurs, side hustlers, and a large list looking purchase high-quality websites.

So if you have a website you are looking to sell, you’re in the right place.

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Selling my First Site – The Rough Journey

First of all, if you’re wondering why this article’s title says I almost sold my site for 187.5% more than its original cost, this is because that was exactly what almost happened.

$12,000 was the first offer I received for my site, which I had purchased a few years ago for $6,400.

However the buyer with the first offer ended up backing out, making this first offer an “almost” offer.

Here’s how the title math works: $12,000 / $6,400 = 187.5%

I use the almost offer percentage in the title because I’m not supposed to put any specific details from the actual deal that did go through.

So, you’ll have to use your imagination on the exact percentage the site actually sold for when it was purchased by buyer #2, who did not back out.

Second of all, here is the mini-story of me trying to sell my website:

Me Trying to Sell My Site – Funny Story

Funniness Disclaimer: I think this story is funny looking back [in the moment it was the opposite of funny to me] which is why I wrote it out. I’m not sure you will think the same. But maybe you will because it’s a pretty funny story any way you look at it [as long as you’re not living it in the present moment LOL].

No one:

Not a single person:

Me: “Who wants to buy my website that makes passive income each month?”

me selling a website

Nothing. No Response. Because no one asked.

Me: *Looks for a website broker*

*Finds website broker*

website broker 1

Website Broker:

“Pls give us months and years of data in a detailed Excel sheet”
“Pls give us monthly revenue screenshots in a very specific format”
“Pls sign our 6 month exclusivity agreement”

“Yo sorry, we actually don’t want to help you sell your site.”

Website Broker 2:

“Yes, let’s do this, we can help you sell your site!”

website seller 2

Potential Buyer: “Yes, I will buy your website”

Me: “Ok Great”

Potential Buyer: *signs airtight contract* *puts $12K in Escrow*

“Here is $12K in Escrow”

Me: “Great” “Here is the domain name, Here is the website.”

Me: *puts domain name and website in buyer’s account*

Buyer: “Hey, NVM, I don’t want it anymore”

Me: “What?” “You already have it”

Buyer: “I’m scared of GDPR”

Me: “But you signed a contract. You already paid for the site. You literally have the site.”

Buyer: “Bye Felicia, Peace, and I’m taking my money back”


*Peaces out*
*Takes his money back out of Escrow*

website buyer backs out


*Cries Silently*
*Cries Loudly*

*Thinks he was the only person in the world who would ever want my website, it’s all downhill from here*

Buyer 2: “I’ll give you money for your site”

Me: “It’s a miracle” “Ok deal”

*Throws hands in air, dances around kitchen*

me selling a website

Selling my first site was difficult.

I went through a lot which I explain in more detail below.

I knew I wanted to sell the website for months and all I was getting were nibbles with low-quality intent that turned away after I gave them more detail.

I also had difficulty finding a broker that would accept my site because it was forum-based, or too small, among other excuses.

The first broker had me fill out a ton of forms including a 6 month exclusivity agreement.

They also had me send them very detailed information about my site including monthly revenue and cost breakdowns as well as proof of revenue screenshots by month in a very specific format.

After filling out all their detailed forms and exclusivity agreement, the broker then told me they actually wouldn’t be able to help me sell the site.

So then I had to start from scratch to find a new website broker to work with.

Even worse, when I finally landed on a broker that agreed to help me sell the site, I had a very serious buyer indicate he wanted the site.

The buyer signed an airtight contract with multiple online witnesses and facilitators.

The buyer even wired $12K into Escrow and it cleared.

I also literally transferred the domain and all the data into his host, finishing the entire transfer.

Then, the buyer, or technically the not-buyer, I guess, got ice cold feet and emailed everyone on the buy thread saying he would like to cancel the transaction and get his money back.

He got scared because GDPR was newer around this time, and I think he saw a GDPR section in one of the ad network agreements you have to sign during on-boarding.

This must have scared him a lot, because he started copy-pasting GDPR tidbits into the thread saying my site did not comply.

The things he was picking at included not having a GDPR data protection officer that I would be selling along with the site, something really only required (if even) by very large public companies that process tons of data.

Anyway, *apparently* you can back out of an airtight contract after an asset transfer is complete, which is exactly what he did.

website buyer backs out

At that point I wasn’t going to fight or sue him because it would have cost a lot of money and time to do so, and it seemed better to simply find a different buyer.

I was definitely hurt and surprised at first, especially because I thought the deal was already locked in.

However it ended up being best to simply move on and find another buyer, which we were able to do relatively quickly.

me selling a website

My rough experience selling my own site is one of the reasons I help others sell their sites without (hopefully at least, ha), the headache I experienced.

The other reason I help people sell sites is my enthusiastic community that emails me almost every day asking for me to help them purchase a site, and I enjoy connecting them to people like you selling high-quality sites.

You can email me,, if you have a site you’re looking to sell.

You can message me using the form above, or email to start a conversation if you have a profitable site you are looking to sell.

The Details on How I Finally Sold my Website

Below I’ll go into detail on how I found the seller for my own site and some more detail regarding all the ups and downs of selling it.

A few years ago, I bought a site, that was actually a package duo of two sites, for $6,400 off an expired Flippa listing.

To buy the site, I messaged the owner on Flippa and started a conversation saying I was interested in the site. I also asked if he could add me to the Google Analytics as a viewer so I could verify the current traffic.

The transaction went through much more seamlessly for him than when I tried to sell the site myself a few years in the future.

Although to be fair, he had waited years for someone to make a viable offer on the site.

Interestingly enough, in a little under 20 months I ended up giving one of the sites back to the original owner at no cost, and I ended up selling the other site to a separate person about exactly 20 months later.

I ended up not selling one of those sites to the non-buyer described in the story above who backed out of the $12K contract, and instead sold the site to actual buyer #2 for an undisclosed amount.

I can’t give any detail about the site, the niche, or even the amount the actual buyer paid, since I did sign an agreement that says “the terms of the sale are confidential” not to disclose specific term information from the actual sale.

This means the only information I am disclosing in this post is what I originally paid for the anonymous site, and the offer that a non-buyer made which fell through on the anonymous site, and nothing specific about the terms of the actual sale that went through.

Selling my site was a roller coaster of emotions, but I’m hoping I can help you avoid the same headache.

Or, you can email me at and we can go from there.

If you’ve also sold a site before, feel free to leave your own experience in the comments as I’d love to hear how it went for you.

Not looking to sell a site, but want to buy a website instead?

If you’re reading this and interested in buying, not selling, a website, you can put your email in the form below and I’ll add you to the website investing waitlist where I occasionally send out vetted website deals:

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  1. You are an inspiration to all young, female (and male) entrepreneurs! “Selling my site was a roller coaster of emotions, but I’m hoping I can help you avoid the same headache.” – thank YOU, Stace!

    1. Hello Kasey Robert,
      I am justine and I need help to sell my baby website just right below as I will leave its URL. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon. mybabytravelandsafety(dot)com

      1. Feel free to reply here or send an email to with the traffic and revenue numbers to see if it is a fit to send the Her.CEO website investing waitlist!

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