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Monumetric Review: I Paid Them $4,947.78 For Their Mistake


Monumetric is an ad network that requires a minimum of 10,000 monthly pageviews to join. If you have more than 10,000 pageviews and less than 80,000 you will be required to pay a $99 setup fee.

Monumetric Review

Here is my personal Monumetric experience and review.

Monumetric has been an ok way in a select variety of niches to see a slightly higher RPM for ads. It doesn’t have a higher RPM in all niches, so it is one you have to test for your specific site to see if it will be better than your current ad network.

One of the main cons with Monumetric is they have a high staff turnover rate, so you go through a new account manager or contact every year or less.

The main issue I have with Monumetric and why I am hesitant to recommend them is how they handled a mistake they made regarding a website I sold, that was using Monumetric ads.

After selling the site and completing the asset transfer on my end, I sent a clear email to Monumetric that said:

Me: “Hi [Name of Account Rep Here]”

The transaction is complete and feel free to transfer the site ownership to [Name of Buyer’s] account – please keep my account open and ready for my new site to go into.


and received the response:

Monumetric Representative: “Great! My team will be sending these over today. Thanks so much!”

Shortly after I see the website taken out of my reporting dashboard and assume everything is in Monumetric & the buyer’s hands now.

One year and four months later I receive an email from Monumetric saying they never completed the transfer on their end.

I had been receiving deposits for the site I had sold in addition to the sites I owned in my Monumetric account.

However, I had no way of knowing this was happening because I had already handed the site off to the new owner and done through so Monumetric as well.

Monumetric then asked me to pay them asking me to pay them $7,103.81. I had to calculate the money I had received minus the money in my reporting dashboard to figure out the discrepancy was much lower than what they were asking, only $4,947.78.

To get to this lower number, it took multiple weeks and multiple emails. I requested a phone call multiple times to iron things out, and was told they don’t do phone calls for this type of issue.

This surprised me, since they were asking me to give them $7,000, and then after correction almost $5,000, in addition to a payment for my own site that had never been completed but were unwilling to get on the phone to discuss it.

If you are asking someone to send you thousands of dollars due to a mistake you made over a year ago, I would think you would be willing to get on the phone to clarify & make sure all the information is correct and that you are both on the same page.

Apparently, Monumetric did not feel that way about the situation.

One moral of the story is if you do use them as an ad provider, make sure you go to the settings page and enter your billing information for every site you have with them, or you may risk not getting paid, or other issues that may be very hard to resolve down the line.

During this process I also found out they had also not paid me $1,474.65 for a site I had never entered billing information specifically for, so I entered that and they are sending the payment on the next payment cycle.

I have worked with competent Monumetric reps, and some who are on the complete opposite spectrum. It’s the luck of the draw, but the majority are unable to understand simple concepts, and at the end of the day it comes back around to hurt the Monumetric customers.

They also shared my banking information with the seller, something that makes me uncomfortable and that I don’t think any company that has access to your billing info should be able to do.

In the end they required me to pay them $4,947.78 for a mistake they made when they failed to finish the transfer on their end without acquiescing to my request to get on the phone, although they did end up lowering the number they asked for and promising to pay me for the site they had neglected after checking their reporting and the back and forth of emails.

Any ad platform that does not own up to their own mistakes and asks its customers for money as well as shares private bank details with other customers, is not one that I would ever actively recommend or promote.

It’s a shame because I did use to recommend them and have on several podcasts.

The customer support is simply subpar, and the RPMs have been going down over the last several years.

I’ve heard and read other negative support stories such as issues with taking larger ads off the page and other response issues.

Keep that in mind when you try them out, you may be on your own and/or liable for any mistakes Monumetric makes on their end, and, keep in mind they are quite likely to make a billing, payment or other mistake.

For example, you may find them requiring you to pay them $4,307.9 for a mistake they made well over a year ago.

Monumetric Pros

  • Another ad network to test if the RPM is higher

Monumetric Cons

  • Support can take days to answer
  • High employee support turnover – new contact every year or so
  • Huge ads that can disrupt user experience, or have to deal with lower RPMs
  • Have to wait 60-90 days for payment, Net-60 payment, after each month you wait two months or more for payment
  • Reporting dashboard is very limited
  • Can’t change date when accessing reporting dashboard on mobile
  • You need to pay $99 setup fee when you have a site using Monumetric that has less than 80,000 pageviews

monumetric double popup

Monumetric Conclusion

Monumetric could and likely should still be on your long list of ad networks to test different niches in to see if it does have a higher RPM.

In terms of being your first, second, or even third choice, I wouldn’t recommend placing it near the top of the list.

This is for reasons including having to wait up to 90 days for payments, the poor reporting experience, the poorer ad experience for users with intrusive, pop-up ads, sometimes 2 to 3 at the bottom of each page, poor support, high turnover in employee contacts, and potential for you to be liable for mistakes the platform makes in addition to not having secure billing or bank information within the platform with the potential for Monumetric to share that information with other customers.

Simply put, the overall experience isn’t great, you have to wait a long time for payment, and customer service is poor to the point of sharing your private bank details, simple incompetence and long delays, and the potential to be liable to pay the company thousands of dollars for their own mistakes.





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