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$500 Cash Bonus and 50K Flight Points

Before I get into the cash bonus and flight point details, I want to share two funny personal stories from traveling in Ireland this year with my flight points / cash bonus.

I also got a free place to stay for the 3 weeks I was there, as I dog-sat an adorable 9 year old dog named Sophie.

2018 Travel Story #1:

I’m 25% Irish, I live in the US, and I was wearing my Cork College sweatshirt in Ireland on the bus, thinking, “hey I fit in here pretty well, I must look like I’m from Ireland.”

The bus driver looked at me and asked, “Where in the US are you from?”

I couldn’t believe it, and I started laughing and asked how he knew..I never got a clear answer, but it was a fun bus ride.

2018 Travel Story #2:

I went on a tour to the Cliffs of Moher (which I think is the most beautiful place in the entire world). If I could build a house there I would without even thinking twice. Although on a normal day it is swarmed with tourists, so I would have to buy the whole cliff area and rope it off.

The tour guide had said originally, “The last person on the bus has to sing a song. And the last person if they’re late has to sing 2 songs.” Then he continued, “And what do you think I’m going to do if you don’t sing the song?”

“That’s right, absolutely nothing.”

“I won’t do anything or drive the bus again until you sing” And of course everyone started laughing.

I was so entranced by the literally breathtaking beauty of the Cliffs of Moher on the gorgeous sunny day, and of course my phone died 5 minutes in, so I didn’t have a watch and had to keep asking people for time.

So of course I ended up being both late and the last on the bus.

The tour guide stopped me as I got on and reminded me I had to sing before he would start the bus. I knew from the previous excursion he wasn’t kidding, since the last person literally refused and sat down but he didn’t start the engine until they finally came up and finished their song.

I sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in front of a full bus packed with 50 people. I must have turned bright red and I get uncomfortable when people stare. I am also not a singer. However, everyone clapped and when the driver asked, “Should she do another?” I shook my head and everyone said “No, she can sit down!”

The second lady who was late had to sing two songs… I don’t know if the people just liked me or hated my singing..

Well, either way it was exhilarating and a fun(ny) story anyway.

I love traveling to different countries, seeing breathtaking sites and getting experiences and stories like the one above.

For me this is also made possible, guilt-free, through credit card rewards.

I’ve been on two incredible vacations this year, one to Hawaii and one to Ireland, both of which would not have been possible without my credit card bonuses.

What would you do with an extra $500 cash right now?

Maybe buy yourself, family, or friends an all-inclusive extra-special gift or experience, pay off some bills or debt, or treat yourself to a special gift or spa-day because you deserve it?

Use it to fund the new equipment, website or ad spend for you new company idea? 😉

How about an extra 50,000 flight points?

Would you take an extra vacation to a tropical paradise, go on a safari in Africa, volunteer in a foreign country? Use it as an excuse to get away from your hectic life or boss, or as an excuse to have some adventure or time to relax on the beach?

I know what I’d do…

I’m sitting on a beach right now in Hawaii, the one pictured below, as I type this.


I’ve been on two incredible vacations this year alone right now, one to Ireland, and one to Hawaii, where I am currently, both of which would not have been possible without my flight and cash point rewards.

Funnily enough, the weather was just as nice when I was in Ireland as Hawaii, both 80s and 90s and relentlessly sunny.

$500 Cash and 50K Point Reward Offers

One of the easiest ways I love to get free cash and travel points, and experiences like the ones I talk about above, is by signing up for credit cards with free bonus cash and points offers.

Here are two current offers where you can get a $500 cash bonus, and a travel bonus worth $625.

NOTE: You can open both cards if you want and get the $500 cash bonus and the 50K point travel bonus. You’re not just limited to one bonus:)

NOTE #2: Neither credit card has fees for the first year, read the terms for full details.

$500 Free Cash

If you sign up for this credit card, you’ll get a free $500 Cash Bonus after you use this credit card to spend $3,000 in the first 3 months. PLUS you’ll get 4% cash back on dining & entertainment, 2% cash back on grocery stores, and 1% cash back on everything else you use the card for.

*See terms for details

50K Free Flight Points

Love this credit card as well, 50K free airline points worth a free $625 toward travel.

You’ll get the free 50K points worth $625 in travel money, when you spend $4,000 in the first 3 months. PLUS you’ll get 2X points on travel and dining worldwide and 1 point per $1 spent on all other purchases.

*See terms for details

Me using my flight points for an Ireland trip! I actually dog sat while there so didn’t even need to pay accommodation. Great trip was there 3 weeks. Breathtakingly beautiful country.


It was sunny and 80s the entire time I was in Ireland too… no one believes me when I say that though. It’s true. I got a killer tan I wasn’t trying to get and people thought I went on some sort of tropical vacay.

Comment below let me know what you’d do with the extra cash and flight points! I need some more travel inspiration for the year anyway…

*Disclaimer, this post contains affiliate links, and if you click and sign up, I will receive a bonus as well. I personally LOVE and wholeheartedly recommend cash and flight point bonus cards and use them myself, so I am only recommending something I know is a huge win-win if you use it correctly!

Don’t put something on a credit card you can’t pay right away. <<< I don't want you to get into debt. Used correctly you can take advantage of these huge cash and flight bonuses and get some free stuff. Why not? I'll see you on my next flight!

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  1. If I had extra cash and flight points, I’d invest in my cousin buying and selling more websites and visiting her in Chicago!!! This is happening in 2020 <3

    1. YES, pretty please come visit me! How has this not happened already?! I need to see your beautiful face here in Chicago asap. We missed cousin Lolla last year but that could be an option..

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